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Presentation Eltec

Presentation Eltec

Eltec is part of group Chevalier (France ), Cleret (France) Eltec (Romania), each one having as owner SERIFOS company (France).
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  • Injection moulding, transfer moulding, multi-material injection, production of rubber-to-metal bonded parts, rubber grinding : small, medium, large series
  • Components assembly, logistics and distribution site

With CHEVALIER - CLÉRET support :

  • · Compound formulations, tests, according customers requirements
  • Prototype and serial production moulds (from design to realisation)
  • · Marketing & Sales


  • Technical parts, small, medium and large parts
  • Precision rubber parts made of all sorts of elastomeres:

Natural Rubber - NBR/EPDM - Nitrile (Perbunan®) – Polychloroprene (Neoprene®) – LSR (Liquid silicone)  – Hydrogenated Nitrile – Fluoroncarbon (Viton®) - Butyl® - Polyurethane – Silicon – Fluoro-silicon – Silver conductive Silicon, etc.


  • 2 injection presses REP V43 150T 500cc upgraded in 1997 with ALLEN BRADLEY control system
  • 3 horizontal presses: DESMA machines 160T  750 cc
  • 1 injection press REP V58 250T 1000cc fabrication 2005 with ejection kit – simultaneous translation
  • 2 horizontal presses  : BOY Machines 25T 50cc
  • 1 painting cabinet
  • 3 blasting cabinets
  • Control equipment: Rheometer Monsanto MDR 2000, Profile Projector TESA,  hardness tester, Mantis optical microscope, Mitutoyo comparator
  • 2 grinding machines (for rubber)
  • Automatic conditioning line

ELTEC is certified ISO 9001 – 2000 from july 2008.

Group and Company profile

Eltec is part of group Chevalier (France ), Cleret (France) Eltec (Romania), each one having as owner SERIFOS company (France).
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Eltec fabricate the following range of products

grup chevalier cleret For more details regarding Chevalier Cleret Eltec Group please click and visit www.chevalier-cleret.fr or www.chevalier-cleret.com or www.chevalier-cleret.de